Ever dream about hiking in the Pyrenees mountains or climbing a Tuscan hillside and at the sunlit-end of an afternoon be welcomed in to an old wooden farm house, a big stove with simmering pots and pans filling the room with amazing smells?  A group of friends gathered around cooking and eating and drinking, preparing  hearty and healthy dishes together?  Whether its a rainy day or a tiny kitchen, join Urban Peasants journey and re-connect with bakers, brewers, farmers, and artisans, and learn to make your own healthy urban food with us.

Starting in January you are invited to join us.

Mark your calendars and  choose your seat around the table as we cook up Flavio and Beth’s fabulous Urban Peasant dishes. We’ll go step by step with lots of time for questions and hands on learning.  Appetizers, beverages and sharing freshly-prepared dish with other motivated cooks will be part of the mix.  Together we’ll create healthy urban food tied firmly to peasant roots… simple ingredients balanced with community and laughter.

RSVP to  dr.beth (at) urbanpeasants.com  to reserve your place at the table!