Here it is:  An Urban Peasants original, our gluten-free take on the classic artisan sourdough loaf:


When we started developing our recipe, we set out to make a gluten-free Peasant Bread that even a gluten-lover would enjoy without any sacrifice. Of course, it depends if you are willing to share once you taste it!

Taste Notes:  With a true crispy crust, this is a gluten free bread that crunches in all the right places.  The inside has a dense, moist crumb with lingering sourdough aroma and easy chew.  It has outstanding shelf life–if it doesn’t get eaten first! This loaf slices easily, toasts evenly, and freezes well.

Pricing and Availability:  Peasant Bread is made in micro batches as orders are received.   We recommend our “subscription plan” that provides you with a Peasant Bread once every week or every two weeks; prepay 4 loaves for $32 ($8 per loaf).  Alternately, you may order one loaf at a time, at your convenience, for $10 per loaf.  Delivery not included in pricing.

We’re so excited to share this amazing bread with all of you and we hope you enjoy this sourdough loaf as much as we have!  To order, contact dr.beth (at)