UP bread n cakes final
We’ve been looking for just the right combination of gluten-free provisions to offer you.  Crunchy sourdough, sweet grain-free cakes, and a touch of chocolate.

Why sourdough?  It’s the oldest form of leavened bread, made with wild yeast, bacteria, and whole grain gluten-free flour. Truly a peasant art, hand-crafted in harmony with nature. And the cakes? Because everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives, even Urban Peasants.

We think Bread and Cakes is just right.  


Every month you get two Gluten-Free Sourdough loaves (one Peasant Boule and one Square Loaf), a packet of three Apricot Cakes and one Chocolate Walnut Cake. All for $30 a month.

Satisfying. Simple.  

Place your orders now. Email Dr.Beth (at) urbanpeasants.com

Delivery available starting on October 1st.