Fans of good bread and tasteful desserts–holidays are here with their mountains of temptations both good and bad–what’s an urban peasant to do?  We think eating well and sharing with others is a great solution!  Place your order for any of our tasty breads or cakes in time for holiday celebrations and avoid the highly processed sugars and starches from commercially-produced gluten-free goods.

Start your day with toasted sourdough Square Bread spread with your favorite nut butter or creamy goat cheese.  After lunch have a nutrient-dense  Apricot Cake with your afternoon coffee or green tea, and at dinner enjoy a slice of crusty sourdough Peasant Boule with a holiday meal.  For an artisan, Euro-style dessert, have a warm slice of sourdough Chocolate Bread.  Feel good about what you are eating!  Handcrafted, crunchy, whole grain and gluten-free, this is what living is all about.

We highly recommend gluten-free and sourdough breads and cakes for everyone on your list as well.  In the endless shopping for sales and mass-produced name-brands take a stand and do something different. Gift your friends and family with hand-crafted artisan food from Urban Peasants.  Keep it simple this holiday season, share the goodness with others.

Contact Dr.Beth (at) to place an order or make an inquiry.