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February Price List

February 2017 Products and Price List

Gluten Free Breads

We are busy at work with Sourdough GF chocolate breads of all sizes and a new Rustic Boule– 100% sourdough Gluten Free with Teff, Buckwheat and Sorghum.


Gluten-Free Sourdough Boules

These round breads are all about natural sourdough starter and long rises. Here paired with honey, fresh figs, and wild-mushroom brie for an amazing breakfast! Now taking orders for all our breads and cakes.


Gluten-Free Holiday Baked Goods

Fans of good bread and tasteful desserts–holidays are here with their mountains of temptations both good and bad–what’s an urban peasant to do?  We think eating well and sharing with others is a great solution!  Place your order for any of our tasty breads or cakes in time for holiday celebrations and avoid the highly processed sugars and starches from commercially-produced gluten-free goods.

Start your day with toasted sourdough Square Bread spread with your favorite nut butter or creamy goat cheese.  After lunch have a nutrient-dense  Apricot Cake with your afternoon coffee or green tea, and at dinner enjoy a slice of crusty sourdough Peasant Boule with a holiday meal.  For an artisan, Euro-style dessert, have a warm slice of sourdough Chocolate Bread.  Feel good about what you are eating!  Handcrafted, crunchy, whole grain and gluten-free, this is what living is all about.

We highly recommend gluten-free and sourdough breads and cakes for everyone on your list as well.  In the endless shopping for sales and mass-produced name-brands take a stand and do something different. Gift your friends and family with hand-crafted artisan food from Urban Peasants.  Keep it simple this holiday season, share the goodness with others.

Contact Dr.Beth (at) to place an order or make an inquiry.


Introducing Bread and Cakes

UP bread n cakes final
We’ve been looking for just the right combination of gluten-free provisions to offer you.  Crunchy sourdough, sweet grain-free cakes, and a touch of chocolate.

Why sourdough?  It’s the oldest form of leavened bread, made with wild yeast, bacteria, and whole grain gluten-free flour. Truly a peasant art, hand-crafted in harmony with nature. And the cakes? Because everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives, even Urban Peasants.

We think Bread and Cakes is just right.  


Every month you get two Gluten-Free Sourdough loaves (one Peasant Boule and one Square Loaf), a packet of three Apricot Cakes and one Chocolate Walnut Cake. All for $30 a month.

Satisfying. Simple.  

Place your orders now. Email Dr.Beth (at)

Delivery available starting on October 1st.


Apricot Cake is here!

We love this recipe and think you will too!  Rich, moist, and nutrient dense, our decadent Apricot Cake is a treat any time of day.  Paleo and Gluten-free, it’s also 100% WLC compliant for Performance Level.



Apricots are a great source of Vitamin A and carotenes, both of which are anti-oxidants and support healthy vision.  Apricots also contain zea-xanthin, which helps protect eyes against age-related macular disease. We use only unsulphured and unsweetened dried apricots for baking.

Almond butter is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (oleic & palmitoleic acids) that help in lowering LDL or “bad cholesterol”. Almonds are also an excellent source of vitamin E which protects us from oxygen-free radicals and are packed with B-complex vitamins.  If that wasn’t enough, almonds (and almond butter) have high levels of essential minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

Sit back and enjoy with a cup of coffee or your favorite green tea…it’s learning to live again….it’s the simple things.

Apricot Cakes are available in packets of three cakes.  Contact Dr.Beth (at) for pricing and ordering.


Sourdough Peasant Bread is here!

Here it is:  An Urban Peasants original, our gluten-free take on the classic artisan sourdough loaf:


When we started developing our recipe, we set out to make a gluten-free Peasant Bread that even a gluten-lover would enjoy without any sacrifice. Of course, it depends if you are willing to share once you taste it!

Taste Notes:  With a true crispy crust, this is a gluten free bread that crunches in all the right places.  The inside has a dense, moist crumb with lingering sourdough aroma and easy chew.  It has outstanding shelf life–if it doesn’t get eaten first! This loaf slices easily, toasts evenly, and freezes well.

Pricing and Availability:  Peasant Bread is made in micro batches as orders are received.   We recommend our “subscription plan” that provides you with a Peasant Bread once every week or every two weeks; prepay 4 loaves for $32 ($8 per loaf).  Alternately, you may order one loaf at a time, at your convenience, for $10 per loaf.  Delivery not included in pricing.

We’re so excited to share this amazing bread with all of you and we hope you enjoy this sourdough loaf as much as we have!  To order, contact dr.beth (at)

Missing that rustic crunch?

What started out as a distant dream is now a crunchy reality!  We’ve been experimenting with a kombucha starter and multiple gf flours to produce a sourdough bread that will satisfy even the gluten-addicts in our lives.  After taste-testing with our community of food-loving friends we’re making final recipe adjustments.  Next week we hope to make artisan sourdough Peasant Bread available for sale.   Don’t miss out!


Cooking with Urban Peasants in January 2015

Ever dream about hiking in the Pyrenees mountains or climbing a Tuscan hillside and at the sunlit-end of an afternoon be welcomed in to an old wooden farm house, a big stove with simmering pots and pans filling the room with amazing smells?  A group of friends gathered around cooking and eating and drinking, preparing  hearty and healthy dishes together?  Whether its a rainy day or a tiny kitchen, join Urban Peasants journey and re-connect with bakers, brewers, farmers, and artisans, and learn to make your own healthy urban food with us.

Starting in January you are invited to join us.

Mark your calendars and  choose your seat around the table as we cook up Flavio and Beth’s fabulous Urban Peasant dishes. We’ll go step by step with lots of time for questions and hands on learning.  Appetizers, beverages and sharing freshly-prepared dish with other motivated cooks will be part of the mix.  Together we’ll create healthy urban food tied firmly to peasant roots… simple ingredients balanced with community and laughter.

RSVP to  dr.beth (at)  to reserve your place at the table!


The Green Team Healthy Food Provisions


We’re excited to begin the Whole Life Challenge supporting the Green Team with their Beginner through Advanced Challenge dietary needs!  Creating high quality baked goods that taste great without wheat or added sugar or starches was a challenge that Urban Peasants was willing to take on.   This past Saturday night the Green Team kicked off a team dinner hosted by Jan Lyon at her beautiful home, and showcased Hummus Bread, Morning Sunrise Muffins, and Cinnamon Energy Truffles (yummy snack balls!).  What a hit!


When you are ready to stock up on these healthy, WLC-compliant, and yummy baked goods, just contact Dr.Beth ( at )

to your health,

Dr. Beth



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