One Pot Green Lentils and Brown Rice

by Flavio

note: This recipe is designed for a reasonably recent Rice cooker with a brown rice setting we use an Aroma Professional (4qts) Cooker from Costco– current price $30 (01/2015)

Basic formula (*important* all of this can be doubled but not tripled if crowds demand- tripling won’t fit your rice cooker)

Dry Ingredients–
1 cup of long grain brown rice rinsed
1 cup of French Green lentils rinsed (note these must be the little french green lentils, brown, yellow or red lentils will not work properly.

Seasonings (per basic recipe) ** note *** these can increased to cook’s taste

1.5 teaspoons salt
½ sprig of fresh oregano ( or 1 tsp of dried oregano)
½ tsp of ground tumeric
½ tsp ground cumin
fresh bay rum leaf

Wet ingredients
4 cups water
¼ cup of olive or other oil

whatever you have on hand
½ cup chopped carrots
2 cups chopped broccoli rabe or mustard greens
2 cups chopped collards


Put dry ingredients and seasonings into rice cooker pan
(this can be done ahead of time or the night before)
Add vegetables
Add Water
Turn rice cooker onto “Brown Rice” setting
Let it cook– it takes over 1 hour so plan ahead– if you have the Costco model the little display will go round and round without numbers until a countdown on the last 12 minutes. So don’t be alarmed!

Squeeze Fresh limes on lentils and rice once  on plate

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