Urban Peasants is about connecting to our nearly forgotten heritage of bakers, brewers, farmers, and artisans; those who worked hard, ate simply and understood it was important to have the natural world work with them.

In the last month how many times have you stood under a tree watching sunlight patterns play across the ground and heard birds sing on their flight through the warm breeze?  How often in the last year have you picked a fresh fruit or vegetable, rinsed it off and crunched into it–the mysterious DNA fed by soil, water, and invisible minerals–letting the taste of life nurture you?

In your kitchen do you want to take simple, healthy ingredients and create something your whole body pronounces as “good”?  Can food be an essential canvas for community and celebration in your family and your circle of friends?

Sign up today for a class or a tasting, order hand-crafted artisan food, or choose to live gluten-free with personalized coaching.

It’s more than a product or a how-to…it’s learning to live again….it’s the simple things.